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Castleview Farm Scone Recipe

Now that we have a bit of time on our hands at home, why not put your baking skills to good use and try this delicious scone recipe from Castleview Farm in County Kildare.

Quick and easy scones with 15 minute baking time.


340g (12oz) self-raising flourCastleview Farm Scone Recipe
85g (3oz) butter
55g (2oz) caster sugar
125ml (1/4 pt) milk
60ml (4tbsps) natural yoghurt
1/4 tsp salt


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 200oC and lightly grease a baking sheet or line with a non-stick liner.
  2. Mix the flour, salt and sugar in a bowl and rub in the butter until it looks like breadcrumbs.
  3. Mix milk and yoghurt and stir into mixture, work it together until a soft dough is formed.
  4. Turn onto a floured board and knead lightly to get a smooth surface. Flatten out to an even thickness of about 2cm.
  5. Using a 5cm cutter, cut out 12 – 14 scones and place on baking tray.
  6. Bake for 12 – 15 minutes until golden brown. Remove from the oven and cool before you spread butter and jam on them. Yummy!

You may not be able to travel at the moment, but on your next trip to Ireland keep in mind an Irish farmstay getaway, the perfect way to get back to nature and enjoy the Irish countryside.

Farmstay getaways

Farmstay getaways

Relaxation is one of the main priorities for anybody going on a holiday or vacation, as we all want to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and to simply unwind in a new location. Farmstay getaways are the definition of relaxation, as Farmstay B&Bs are located all throughout the charming Irish countryside, where you can get back to nature and experience life on a working farm.

Immerse yourself in nature

Staying on an Irish farm is completely unique and authentic. The focus is on the farm’s stunning landscapes and tranquil surroundings, the delicious fresh food produced and of course, the farm animals. The farm setting is such a fantastic place to explore, and is the perfect opportunity to fully immerse yourself in nature and the Irish Farmhouse Holidays B&B experience.

Working farms

Farmstay B&B hosts make the experience even more special, as they invite you to learn about their everyday lives on a working farm, and are on hand to make sure that their guests enjoy every moment in their beautiful homes. From eating freshly-laid breakfast eggs in the morning, to taking a peaceful stroll through the countryside, you are guaranteed to make unforgettable memories in such a unique setting.

Farmstay getways, learn about everyday life on a working farm

An Irish farmstay getaway is such a wonderful and relaxing experience, so make sure you don’t miss out and book your Farmstay B&B accommodation!

Cosy Farmhouse Winter Breaks

Farmhouse Winter Breaks in Ireland

Ireland isn’t just a destination to visit in the Summer time, it also has the perfect climate for a Winter break. Because of Ireland’s mild weather, a farmhouse Winter break is the ideal choice for getting way from the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

Get back to nature

Booking a stay on an Irish farm is way more than just booking accommodation.. It’s an opportunity to stay with an Irish family and experience Irish culture first-hand. It’s a chance to get back to nature and enjoy the beautiful Irish countryside. Your B&B host will guide you to the region’s hidden gems and provide expert knowledge on things to see and do. The perfect end to a day is a visit to the local pub for a bite to eat, an Irish coffee and some traditional music.

Cosy Farmhouse Winter Breaks

Service with a smile

Farmhouse B&B hosts are renowned for the friendly service they offer guests. From the moment you arrive, you will be made to feel so welcome. There is nothing like the taste of home-baked treats and your host will have them at the ready for your arrival. Your bedroom will be comfortably furnished and the only noise you’ll hear is the chirpy bird song in the morning. Wake up to the smell of home-cooking where a tasty full Irish breakfast will be waiting for you. It is the perfect meal to set you up for a day’s adventure in the countryside.

Cosy Farmhouse Winter Breaks





Family fun on a farmhouse holiday

The perfect holiday is one that all the family will enjoy. If the younger members of our family are happy, then it usually means that everyone is going to have a great holiday experience. Below are just a few reasons why all the family will have fun on a farmhouse holiday.

Irish Culture

Immerse yourself in the real Ireland and stay with an Irish family on their working farm. It’s an authentic way to engage with the Irish culture. You’ll find that farmhouse holidays aren’t just accommodation, but a unique experience where you will be at one with nature, animals and the beautiful Irish countryside.

Family fun on the farm

Working Farms

Farmhouse holidays are not only great fun, but are also educational. Staying on a working farm means the kids will learn where their eggs, milk and meat actually come from. From seeing the cows milked to collecting eggs, it is all an exciting learning curve.
Family fun on the farm









Out and about

What better way to enjoy the countryside, than to get out and about in the open pastures and enjoy Ireland’s natural beauty. Enjoy fabulous walking trails and see the farm animals in their natural environment. Most farms have petting areas, where you can get close to the baby animals and help feed them in a safe and monitored setting.

Family fun on the farm







Old Traditions

Family is at the heart of these farmhouses and you will be part of this during your stay. You’ll enjoy all the comforts of modern life, yet old traditions will still remain, such as home-baking, like brown bread and scones, the aroma of which is such a delight to wake up.  Your host will be only too delighted to share a recipe or give a cooking demonstration.

Family fun on the farm

Located throughout Ireland

Getting to know your hosts and listening to their stories and recommendations for what to visit in the area, will make memories to last a lifetime. In fact, one visit won’t be enough, you’ll want to return. With farmhouse B&Bs located throughout Ireland, every year can hold a new adventure and add to those memories.

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